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How much is the Siomai House franchise investment?​

The cost of the Siomai House Investment Package is (Php555, 555.55) plus VAT.

Does Siomai House charge other fees aside from the franchise investment?

Siomai House does not charge other fees such as royalty fee, set-up fee, and marketing/advertising fee.

Does Siomai House provide the location for an applicant?

No, Siomai House lets the applicant choose the location where to put up their business, subject to its approval.

Can an interested applicant apply for a location even if it is still under construction?

Yes. Upon application, you have to indicate that the establishment is still under construction.

Does Siomai House allow franchisees to operate in SM Malls?

Yes, Siomai House allows franchisees to operate in SM Malls.

Does Siomai House allow different franchise applicants to apply for the same proposed location?

Yes, but the franchise shall be given to the applicant who first submitted the lease offer or award notice from the lessor.

How long is the process from the application to the opening of the outlet?

On average, the process from application to outlet opening takes a month or two.

Where should an applicant apply first? Siomai House or the lessor/location?

Siomai House advises the applicants to process both applications at the same time.

Does Siomai House provide the sales crew for the outlet?

Siomai House has partnered with an agency to provide the manpower requirement of the franchisee.

How much is the salary of the sales crew?

Our sales crew receives a minimum wage salary plus government mandated benefits.

Are the training and re-training of sales crew for free?

Yes, it’s free of charge. Siomai House provides training for the sales crew who must successfully complete the store operations training and assessment program.

Can a franchisee undergo training?

Yes, we highly encourage our franchisees to undergo training to familiarize themselves with the operations of their respective outlets.

Is it okay to pay the lessor to secure the reservation of the location?

No, we do not recommend this. Instead, we advise our applicants to have a thorough negotiation with the lessor and reserve the location for a specified timeframe until our team conducts the inspection of the location.

Does Siomai House have payment terms for the franchise fee?

We only approve of a one-time payment for the settlement of the franchise fee. Other arrangements shall be discussed with the franchise manager.

How much is the initial Inventory?

P20,000 worth of products is included in the Siomai House Investment Package.

Can a franchise create/implement its own marketing strategy?

Yes, but subject to approval by Siomai House management.

How long will it take for a Siomai House franchisee to get ROI (Return on Investment)?

The average R.O.I. ranges from six to 18 months depending on the viability of the location.

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