Greetings from Bernabest Food Products, Incorporated, the home of Siomai House and Empanada Especiale!

Thank you for considering the acquisition of a Siomai House franchise as your entrepreneurial goal. We are sending you the initial information below, which we hope can help and guide you down the franchise path.

To proceed, you need to do the following:

  1. Read the Siomai House Investment Package (SHIP) carefully.
  2. Attend the Pre-franchise Entrepreneur Seminar and Orientation (PESO). Details are discussed below under Section 3.
  3. Fill out the Franchise Applicant Information Sheet (to be completed during the PESO).

The Siomai House Investment Package (SHIP)

Franchising Siomai House is not simply a “business for profit” investment. It is entrepreneurship with social and moral responsibility to the people who will work for and with the Franchisee, to the customers, environment, and the Franchisor. Operating a Siomai House franchise is basically easy, clear, and uncomplicated but demands hands-on management, supervision, and commitment.

It is an exclusive and privileged collaboration governed by a contract based on mutual trust and confidence between the Franchisee and the Franchisor. The Franchise Agreement is valid for three (3) years, renewable thereafter on a yearly basis, non-refundable, and non-transferable.

SECTION 1. The Siomai House Investment Package is (Php555, 555.55) plus VAT, which includes the following:

  1. Franchise Fee
  2. Initial stocks:
    Frozen siomai
    Chilli Garlic Packs
    Rite & Lite flavored drinks
    Bottled Water
    Bottled Chilli Garlic
    Empanada *
  3. Cart and Equipment:
    Use of Standard Siomai House Cart
    Chest-type freezer
    1-layered customized stainless steamer set
    Acrylic beverage dispenser
    Cooler icebox
    Cleaning equipment and utensils needed for operations
    2 sets of uniforms (collared shirts, aprons, caps, hairnets, spit guards)
  4. Delivery and Admin fees:
    Delivery of ordered products for the entire contract period
    Ingress and egress of the cart and equipment at the start and end of the contract or operations, respectively.
    Administrative and operational assistance by the Franchise Management team, assisted by QA roving inspectors before and during the operations of the outlet.
    Regular monitoring and reporting of sales performance, utilization, and variances.
    Sales staff training and orientation
    Full marketing and promotional support by the Franchise Management team during the grand opening of the outlet with balloons, mascots, and freebies
    Marketing and advertising paraphernalia, as well as promotional boost in social media and other media platforms.

SECTION 2. The following items are NOT included in the package:

  1. Cost of permits and licenses to operate the business
  2. Payment of advance rentals, security deposits, and other incidental expenses with respect to the leased premises
  3. Cost of customized food cart/kiosk/inline stores.

SECTION 3. Pre-Franchise Entrepreneur Seminar and Orientation (PESO)

After going through the SHIP and you still wish to pursue your intent of acquiring a Siomai House franchise, you will be required to attend our Pre-Franchise Entrepreneur Seminar and Orientation (PESO), free of charge. The PESO is meant for the discussion of details and insights about how the franchise can succeed and give important steps you'll need to take to becoming a Franchisee. We conduct the PESO online via Zoom platform every Friday, 10:30AM to 12NN, details of which will be sent via email. Due to limited seats, please notify us through our email: [email protected] or call our Franchise office at 8709-6237 local 225 or 227, to confirm your attendance.

SECTION 4. Five Basic Initial Requisite Documents (5BIRDs)

After attending the PESO and you have decided to proceed, you will be asked to complete and submit the following Five Basic Initial Requisite Documents (5BIRDS):

  1. Letter of Intent
  2. Pictures of the proposed location and surrounding vicinity
  3. Rental details including contact person/lessor (minimum floor area - 4 sqm.)
  4. Detailed sketch map and transport route to reach the location
  5. Personal resume

  6. These documents should be emailed to us at [email protected]. Once all the basic requirements have been submitted, we will conduct a preliminary review and evaluation of your location. If the proposed location passes the initial screening, the applicant will be given an Ocular Inspection Control Number. At this stage, your location will be scheduled for an ocular inspection and feasibility study for final evaluation and assessment.

SECTION 5. Identifying a Good Location

Siomai House does not provide the location. The franchise applicant will be the one to look for and propose the location. We assist the applicant in determining whether their proposed location is a good site for business or has the potential for business success. Below are some factors that will pass the standard qualifications set by the company for a good location:

  1. Heavy foot traffic
  2. Customer profile with the capacity to buy
  3. Very high commercial environment
  4. Location profile
  5. Very good customer and booth security, especially after-sales
  6. Acceptable, unobstructed visibility to customers and the public
  7. Adequate space (at least 4 sqm; bigger is better)
  8. Easy accessibility especially to the Franchisee (near residence or place of work)
  9. Low direct sun exposure (For outdoors, avoid direct afternoon sun.)
  10. Availability of supplies like purified water and tube ice, etc.

SECTION 6. Once your location has been approved, you have to settle the franchise investment package and submit the final following final requirements to formalize the Franchise Agreement, which is a pre-requisite to commencing operations. Incomplete requirements may delay the outlet operation, particularly in popular malls and establishments.

Siomai House does not provide the location. The franchise applicant will be the one to look for and propose the location. We assist the applicant in determining whether their proposed location is a good site for business or has the potential for business success. Below are some factors that will pass the standard qualifications set by the company for a good location:

  1. DTI Certificate for single proprietorship, SEC registration for partnerships or corporations
  2. Barangay Certificate
  3. Mayor’s Permit
  4. Sanitary Permit
  5. Fire Safety Inspection Certificate
  6. Community Tax Certificate (cedula of the applicant)
  7. BIR Certificate of Registration (COR)
  8. BIR Authority to Print (ATP)
  9. BIR Payment form 0605
  10. BIR Ask for Receipt poster
  11. NBI Clearance of applicant
  12. Two (2) Government-issued IDs
  13. Resume of Franchisee with 2x2 ID pictures (2 pcs.)
  14. Resume of sales crew with 2x2 ID pictures
  15. Health Certificate of sales crew
  16. Contract of Lease of approved location
  17. Notarized Affidavit of Waiver of the applicant and his/her sales crew (for Training)
  18. Government-mandated requirements:
  19. Non-life insurance for the approved location

SECTION 7. After submitting all the necessary documents, the process continues with these steps:

  1. Contract-signing of the Franchise Agreement
  2. Interview with owners or top management of Siomai House
  3. Franchise Sales and Operations orientation
  4. Sales crew orientation and on-site training

  5. Thank you again for your inquiry and we look forward to establishing a mutually-beneficial and long-term partnership with you in the days ahead.


    Pre-franchise Entrepreneur Seminar and Orientation (PESO)

    E-PESO (Virtual)
    F2F-PESO (Face to Face)

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